First Berlin Equity Research has published a research update on Energiekontor AG (ISIN: DE0005313506). Analyst Dr. Karsten von Blumenthal upgraded the stock to BUY but decreased the price target from EUR 105.00 to EUR 103.00.

Energiekontor (EKT) has published its interim status report for Q1/22, which gives a qualitative update on business development. Project development moved at full steam ahead with 170 MW under construction. In April, EKT sold a Scottish 34 MW project. Power production was up to 5% above the long-term average, which hints at a much higher output than last year. Despite supply chain challenges and cost increases, Energiekontor is still guiding towards 10% to 20% earnings growth in 2022. As the company has adjusted its transaction structure to minimise negative effects from possible project delays and is benefitting from high power prices, we see Energiekontor as well on track to reach our 2022 EBT growth forecast of 15%. We believe that EKT is a good hedge against high market uncertainty caused by the Russian invasion of Ukraine and macroeconomic stagflation tendencies. More green power is badly needed to reduce Europe’s dependence on Russian gas. Energiekontor’s business model is rather resilient, as it combines volatile wind and solar project development with stable cash flows from green power production. The German government’s ?Easter Package? calls for a significant acceleration of the expansion of wind and solar power. Energiekontor, with its ca. 4,400 MW German wind and solar pipeline, is primed to benefit from this. An updated sum of the parts valuation yields a slightly lower price target of €103 (previously: €105), as we have taken the increased yield for riskless assets into account. Following recent share price depreciation, we upgrade our rating from Add to Buy, as the upside potential to our price target is now >25%.