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RNTS Media
RNTS Media is a Berlin, Germany based IT company with roots in South Korea. The company is active in the field of mobile applications and online gaming. Through its strong industry connections in the company’s home market it stands to benefit from strong growth trends in the mobile market. We initiated coverage in January 2013.
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Senator Entertainment
Senator Entertainment AG is a film production and distribution company based in Berlin, Germany. The company distributes its films at the box office and as DVDs and videos through a network of retail partners and has subsidiaries in Ireland, Britain and the US. We initiated coverage in January 2007.
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SendR SE |
SendR is a license-rights aggregator for audio and video content operating in the manner of a clearing house. The core activity is the exploitation of its digital music rights, and the company currently boasts a catalogue of over 700,000 musical recordings, a number that will eclipse 1.3m with the Phonofile addition. We initiated coverage in July 2016.
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